• Nomadic Meat: Our company

    Why Nomadic Meat? We firmly believe in the power of food to heal and maintain optimal health. We also believe in ancestral diets, particularly the carnivore diet and their ability to keep us free of illness. We know eating a meat-based diet has changed and saved the lives of many, including our own and we wanted to create comfortable, stylish clothing for motivation and pride in support of carnivore eaters.

    In addition, being a carnivore while living a nomadic lifestyle full-time has its own set of challenges and advantages and Nomadic Meat is proud to be the #1 resource for nomadic carnivores.

    However, Nomadic Meat is about more than awesome meaty t-shirts, it’s about helping you take better care of yourself and your family. So we offer motivational success stories from people just like you and, soon, podcast shows to help inspire, motivate, inform and support you throughout your journey with this lifestyle. We want to become a part of your journey to better mental and physical health.